Chapter 16. Managing WAN TechnologiesFrame Relay

Chapter 16. Managing WAN Technologies Frame Relay

Frame Relay is a Wide Area Network (WAN) service enterprise that customers can purchase from service providers to provide connectivity between LANs in geographically different locations. There are two ways to look at Frame Relay:

  • From a provider perspective a Frame Relay network is a network of Frame Relay switches providing connectivity between many points.

  • From a user perspective a Frame Relay network is just a cloud whose inner workings are transparent. The Frame Relay cloud provides connectivity between the customer's various LANs.

This chapter will look at Frame Relay from a user perspective. It will cover how you can monitor the performance and fault information of your Frame Relay cloud through the devices (routers) connected to the edge of the cloud at your various locations. One of the objectives of Frame Relay management should be to confirm that your Frame Relay service is delivering the level of service you purchased. Another should be to confirm that the service you purchased meets your needs. Consider the Frame Relay cloud as a network device you cannot monitor directly, much like a piece of network cable.

The following topics are covered in this chapter:

  • An overview of Frame Relay

  • Identifying the Frame Relay interfaces

  • Performance data for Frame Relay

  • Error/fault data for Frame Relay

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