Queue( )

Queue( ) Places the current call into the specified call queue

 Queue(   queuename   [,   options   [,   URL   [,   announceoverride   [,   timeout   ]]]]) 

Places an incoming call into the call queue specified by queuename , as defined in queues.conf .

The options argument may contain zero or more of the following characters :


Allows the called user to transfer the call


Allows the calling user to transfer the call


Specifies a data-quality (modem) call (minimum delay)


Allows callee to hang up by hitting *


Allows caller to hang up by hitting *


Disallows retries on the timeout; exits this application and goes to the next step


Rings instead of playing MoH

In addition to being transferred, a call may be parked and then picked up by another user.

The announceoverride argument overrides the standard announcement played to queue agents before they answer the specified call.

The optional URL will be sent to the called party if the channel supports it.

The timeout will cause the queue to fail out after a specified number of seconds, checked between each queues.conf timeout and retry cycle.

Returns -1 if the originating channel hangs up, or if the call is bridged and either of the parties in the bridge terminates the call. If the queue is full, does not exist, or has no members , returns .

 ; place the caller in the techsupport queue     exten => 123,1,Answer(  )  exten => 123,2,Queue(techsupport,t)  

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Asterisk: The Future of Telephony: The Future of Telephony
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