DigitTimeout( )

DigitTimeout( ) Sets the maximum timeout between digits

 DigitTimeout(   seconds   ) 

Sets the maximum amount of time permitted between digit presses when the caller is entering an extension. If the time period specified by seconds elapses after the caller enters a digit, the extension will be considered complete and will be interpreted.

Note that if a valid extension is typed in it will not have to time out to be tested , so typically at the expiration of this timeout, the extension will be considered invalid (and thus control will be passed to the i extension, or, if it doesn't exist, the call will be terminated ).

Always returns .

  exten => 123,1,DigitTimeout(3)  exten => 123,2,Background(enter-ext-of-person)     exten => i,1,Playaback(im-sorry)     exten => i,2,Goto(123,1) 

See Also

AbsoluteTimeout( )

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