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Excel: The Missing Manual
By Matthew  MacDonald
Publisher : O'Reilly
Pub Date : December 2004
ISBN : 0-596-00664-0
Pages : 792
      The Missing Credits
        About the Author
        About the Creative Team
        The Missing Manual Series
        What Excel Is all About
        About This Book
      Part I:   Worksheet Basics
            Chapter 1.   Creating and Navigating Worksheets
        Section 1.1.   Creating a Basic Worksheet
        Section 1.2.   Editing Data
        Section 1.3.   Navigating in Excel
        Section 1.4.   Saving Files
        Section 1.5.   Opening Files
            Chapter 2.   Adding Information to Worksheets
        Section 2.1.   Adding Different Types of Data
        Section 2.2.   Quick Ways to Add Data
            Chapter 3.   Moving Data Around a Worksheet
        Section 3.1.   Selecting Cells
        Section 3.2.   Moving Cells Around
        Section 3.3.   Adding and Moving Columns or Rows
            Chapter 4.   Formatting Worksheets
        Section 4.1.   Formatting Cell Values
        Section 4.2.   Formatting Cell Appearance
        Section 4.3.   Smart Ways to Apply Formatting
            Chapter 5.   Managing Worksheets and Workbooks
        Section 5.1.   Worksheets and Workbooks
        Section 5.2.   Find and Replace
        Section 5.3.   Spell Check
            Chapter 6.   Viewing and Printing Worksheets
        Section 6.1.   Controlling Your View
        Section 6.2.   Printing
      Part II:   Formulas and Functions
            Chapter 7.   Building Basic Formulas
        Section 7.1.   Creating a Basic Formula
        Section 7.2.   Formula Shortcuts
        Section 7.3.   Copying Formulas
            Chapter 8.   Math and Statistical Functions
        Section 8.1.   Rounding Numbers
        Section 8.2.   Groups of Numbers
        Section 8.3.   General Math Functions
        Section 8.4.   Trigonometry and Advanced Math
        Section 8.5.   Advanced Statistics
            Chapter 9.   Financial Functions
        Section 9.1.   The World of Finance
        Section 9.2.   Financial Functions
        Section 9.3.   Depreciation
        Section 9.4.   Other Financial Functions
            Chapter 10.   Manipulating Dates, Times, and Text
        Section 10.1.   Manipulating Text
        Section 10.2.   Manipulating Dates and Times
        Section 10.3.   Math with Dates and Times
        Section 10.4.   Date and Time Functions
        Section 10.5.   Analysis ToolPak Date Functions
            Chapter 11.   Lookup, Reference, and Information Functions
        Section 11.1.   The Basic Lookup
        Section 11.2.   Advanced Lookups
        Section 11.3.   Information Functions
        Section 11.4.   Tutorial: Quickly Generating Invoices from a Product Catalog
            Chapter 12.   Advanced Formula Writing
        Section 12.1.   Conditions in Formulas
        Section 12.2.   Descriptive Names for Cell References
        Section 12.3.   Variable Data Tables
        Section 12.4.   Controlling Recalculation
        Section 12.5.   Solving Formula Errors
      Part III:   Organizing Worksheets
            Chapter 13.   Data Lists
        Section 13.1.   The Basics of Data Lists
        Section 13.2.   The Data Form
        Section 13.3.   Sorting and Filtering a List
        Section 13.4.   Performing List Calculations
            Chapter 14.   Grouping and Outlining Data
        Section 14.1.   Basic Data Grouping
        Section 14.2.   Grouping Timesavers
            Chapter 15.   Templates
        Section 15.1.   Understanding Templates
        Section 15.2.   Starting from a Template
        Section 15.3.   Creating Templates
        Section 15.4.   Fine-Tuning Templates
      Part IV:   Charts and Graphics
            Chapter 16.   Creating Basic Charts
        Section 16.1.   Charting 101
        Section 16.2.   Basic Tasks with Charts
        Section 16.3.   Practical Charting
        Section 16.4.   Chart Types
            Chapter 17.   Formatting and Perfecting Charts
        Section 17.1.   Formatting Chart Elements
        Section 17.2.   Improving Your Charts
        Section 17.3.   Advanced Charting
            Chapter 18.   Inserting Graphics
        Section 18.1.   Adding Pictures to a Worksheet
        Section 18.2.   Excel's Clip Art Library
        Section 18.3.   Drawing Shapes
        Section 18.4.   Drawing Graphic Objects in Charts
      Part V:   Advanced Data Analysis
            Chapter 19.   Scenarios and Goal Seeking
        Section 19.1.   Using Scenarios
        Section 19.2.   Using Goal Seek
        Section 19.3.   Solver
            Chapter 20.   Pivot Tables
        Section 20.1.   Summary Tables Revisited
        Section 20.2.   Building Pivot Tables
        Section 20.3.   Advanced Pivot Tables
      Part VI:   Sharing Data with the Rest of the World
            Chapter 21.   Worksheet Collaboration
        Section 21.1.   Your Excel Identity
        Section 21.2.   Using Comments
        Section 21.3.   Using Change Tracking
        Section 21.4.   Setting Up a Review Chain
        Section 21.5.   Workbook Sharing
            Chapter 22.   Exchanging Data with Other Programs
        Section 22.1.   Sharing Information in Windows
        Section 22.2.   Embedding and Linking Objects
        Section 22.3.   Transferring Data
        Section 22.4.   Excel and Databases
            Chapter 23.   XML
        Section 23.1.   XML 101
        Section 23.2.   The Excel XML Story
        Section 23.3.   Linking Spreadsheets to XML
            Chapter 24.   Connecting Worksheets to the Web
        Section 24.1.   Putting Worksheets on the Web
        Section 24.2.   Performing Web Queries
        Section 24.3.   Using Hyperlinks
      Part VII:   Programming Excel
            Chapter 25.   Automating Tasks with Macros
        Section 25.1.   Macros 101
        Section 25.2.   The Macro Recorder
        Section 25.3.   Creating Practical Macros
            Chapter 26.   Programming Spreadsheets with VBA
        Section 26.1.   The Visual Basic Editor
        Section 26.2.   Understanding Macro Code
        Section 26.3.   Exploring the VBA Language
      Part VII:   Appendixes
            Appendix A.   Getting Help in Excel
        Section A.1.   Asking Questions
        Section A.2.   The Office Assistant
        Section A.3.   Other Help Menu Options
            Appendix B.   Customizing Excel
        Section B.1.   The Customize Dialog Box
            Appendix C.   Quick Menu Reference
        Section C.1.   File Menu
        Section C.2.   Edit Menu
        Section C.3.   View Menu
        Section C.4.   Insert Menu
        Section C.5.   Format Menu
        Section C.6.   Tools Menu
        Section C.7.   Data Menu
        Section C.8.   Chart Menu
        Section C.9.   Window Menu
        Section C.10.   Help Menu

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