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Creating Web Sites: The Missing Manual
By Matthew  MacDonald
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: October 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00842-2
Pages: 559

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      The Missing Credits
        About the Author
        About the Creative Team
        The Missing Manual Series
        What You Need to Get Started
        About This Book
        Macintosh and Windows
        About the Outline
        About These Arrows
        Downloadable Examples
        Safari Enabled
      Part One:   Welcome to the Web
            Chapter 1.   Preparing for the Web
        Section 1.1.   Introducing the World Wide Web
        Section 1.2.   Planning a Web Site
        Section 1.3.   The Ingredients of a Web Site
            Chapter 2.   Creating Your First Page
        Section 2.1.   The Anatomy of a Web Page
        Section 2.2.   The HTML Tag
        Section 2.3.   The HTML Document
        Section 2.4.   XHTML
            Chapter 3.   Putting Your Page on the Web
        Section 3.1.   How Web Hosting Works
        Section 3.2.   Domain Names
        Section 3.3.   Getting Web Space
        Section 3.4.   Transferring Files
            Chapter 4.   Power Tools
        Section 4.1.   Choosing Your Tools
        Section 4.2.   Working with Your HTML Editor
      Part Two:   Building Better Web Pages
            Chapter 5.   HTML Text Tags
        Section 5.1.   Understanding Text and the Web
        Section 5.2.   Basic Text Tags
        Section 5.3.   HTML Tags for Lists
        Section 5.4.   Inline Formatting
            Chapter 6.   Style Sheets
        Section 6.1.   Style Sheet Basics
        Section 6.2.   Colors
        Section 6.3.   Fonts
        Section 6.4.   Text Alignment and Spacing
        Section 6.5.   Borders
        Section 6.6.   Class Selectors
            Chapter 7.   Adding Graphics
        Section 7.1.   Understanding Images
        Section 7.2.   Images and Styles
        Section 7.3.   Techniques with Graphics
        Section 7.4.   Finding Free Art
            Chapter 8.   Linking Pages
        Section 8.1.   Understanding the Anchor
        Section 8.2.   Image Links and Image Maps
        Section 8.3.   Adding Bookmarks
        Section 8.4.   When Good Links Go Bad
        Section 8.5.   Link Checkers
            Chapter 9.   Page Layout Tools:Tables and Styles
        Section 9.1.   HTML Tables
        Section 9.2.   Style-Based Layout
            Chapter 10.   Frames
        Section 10.1.   The Problem with Repeating Content
        Section 10.2.   Frame Basics
        Section 10.3.   Building Better Frames Pages
      Part Three:   Connecting with Your Audience
            Chapter 11.   Attracting Visitors
        Section 11.1.   Your Web Site Promotion Plan
        Section 11.2.   Spreading the Word
        Section 11.3.   Adding Meta Tags
        Section 11.4.   Directories and Search Engines
        Section 11.5.   Tracking Visitors
            Chapter 12.   Letting Visitors Talk to You (and Each Other)
        Section 12.1.   Transforming a Site into a Community
        Section 12.2.   Helping Visitors Email You
        Section 12.3.   Adding Forums and Groups to Your Site
            Chapter 13.   Making Money with Your Site
        Section 13.1.   Money Making the Web Way
        Section 13.2.   Google AdSense
        Section 13.3.   Amazon Associates
        Section 13.4.   PayPal Merchant Tools
      Part Four:   Web Site Frills
            Chapter 14.   JavaScript and DHTML: Adding Interactivity
        Section 14.1.   Understanding JavaScript
        Section 14.2.   JavaScript 101
        Section 14.3.   Dynamic HTML
        Section 14.4.   Scripts on the Web
            Chapter 15.   Fancy Buttons and Menus
        Section 15.1.   Creating Fancy Buttons
        Section 15.2.   Creating Fancy Menus
            Chapter 16.   Audio and Video
        Section 16.1.   Understanding Multimedia
        Section 16.2.   Background Music
        Section 16.3.   Video Clips
        Section 16.4.   Animations
      Part Five:   Blogs
            Chapter 17.   Blogs
        Section 17.1.   Understanding Blogs
        Section 17.2.   Getting Started with Blogger
      Part Six:   Appendixes
            Appendix A.   HTML Quick Reference
        Section A.1.   HTML Tags
        Section A.2.   HTML Character Entities
        Section A.3.   HTML Color Names
            Appendix B.   Useful Web Sites
        Section B.1.   Chapter Links

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