Appendix A. HTML Quick Reference

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the language of the Web. It's the standard used to create all Web pages, whether you're promoting a local bake sale or running a Fortune 500 company. Chapter 2 introduced HTML in detail, and since that point, you've steadily added to your arsenal of HTML techniques.

This appendix provides a quick HTML reference, organized alphabetically . Each entry features a brief description of what the tag does, and many provide cross-references to more detailed examples in other chapters. You'll also get a quick refresher of HTML character entities (codes that you use when you want to display special characters on a Web page).

Note: This appendix tackles HTML. HTML is slowly but surely giving ground to XHTML, which borrows the same basic set of tags, but has stricter rules about using them. To learn more about XHTML, see Section 2.4.

Creating Web Sites. The Missing Manual
Creating Web Sites: The Missing Manual
ISBN: B0057DA53M
Year: 2003
Pages: 135

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