Chapter 6. Shareware Apps

    Hacks 60 71: Introduction

    Hack 60.  Display a BlackBerry Today View

    Hack 61.  Sync Your BlackBerry to Your Mac

    Hack 62.  Send Voice Emails from Your Device

    Hack 63.  Fax from Your BlackBerry

    Hack 64.  Sync Memos over the Air Without a BES

    Hack 65.  Spellcheck Outgoing Messages

    Hack 66.  Try a Third-Party Web Browser

    Hack 67.  Try Another Email Program

    Hack 68.  Edit Office Documents

    Hack 69.  Display a Slideshow

    Hack 70.  Get Real-Time Stock Quotes and Charts

    Hack 71.  Track Your Fitness

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