Chapter 7 -- Managing Security

Chapter 7

About This Chapter

There are several methods you can use to enhance security when using Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional. You can either set policies for individuals or set policies for groups. The latter is a more efficient method when dealing with a large number of users.

Windows 2000 includes tools that allow you to encrypt and decrypt folders and files. There are additional functions (such as restricting how the computer can be shut down and displaying the user name in the logon screen) that help make the system more secure.

These tools, along with an appropriate auditing policy, can greatly enhance the security of your system. This chapter explains these various features and tools and allows you to implement them on your system.

Before You Begin

To complete this chapter, you must have

  • A computer that meets the minimum hardware requirements listed in "Hardware Requirements" in "About This Book"
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional installed on the computer (PRO1)

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