The following questions reinforce key information presented in this chapter. If you're unable to answer a question, review the appropriate lesson and then try again. Appendix A, "Questions and Answers," provides answers to the questions.

  1. During your migration, a user complains that she occasionally sees a different wallpaper on her screen than her usual one. She is logging on at a number of available workstations into a mixed Windows 2000 and Windows NT environment. What's happening?

  2. A help desk user has complained that his Windows 2000 Professional system isn't always set up correctly. He has two user names. One is kept in a Windows 2000 domain that is in the middle of being upgraded, while the other name is held in a Windows NT domain pending upgrade. Suggest a possible explanation and a potential solution.

  3. In a trusted environment, list the possible logon scenarios that exist. Here is one scenario to get you started: a Windows NT client in a resource domain logging on to a Windows 2000 domain controller in a trusted Windows 2000 domain.

  4. Describe the difference between a member server and a domain controller in a Windows 2000 domain. Explain how you would convert from one to another.

  5. Explain how you would convert a Windows 2000 domain from native mode back into mixed mode.


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