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Welcome to MCSE Training Kit—Migrating from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 to Microsoft Windows 2000. This kit introduces you to the concepts and practices involved in migrating from Microsoft Windows NT to Microsoft Windows 2000. You will learn how to plan, manage, and perform the process of migration and design a fallback plan should anything go wrong with the migration process.

You will learn about the different types of migration and use a variety of tools such as MoveTree, ClonePrincipal, Netdom, and ADMT to perform different aspects of a migration.

Finally, this book will show you how to minimize the impact of migration on an organization, mitigate the risk in a migration, and troubleshoot failed migrations.


For more information on becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, see the section titled "The Microsoft Certified Professional Program" later in this chapter.

Each chapter in this book is divided into lessons. Most lessons include hands-on procedures that allow you to practice or demonstrate a particular concept or skill. Each chapter ends with a short summary of all chapter lessons and a set of review questions to test your knowledge of the chapter material.

The "Getting Started" section of this chapter provides important setup instructions that describe the hardware and software requirements to complete the procedures in this course. It also provides information about the networking configuration necessary to complete some of the hands-on procedures. Read through this section thoroughly before you start the lessons.

MCSE Training Kit (Exam 70-222. Migrating from Microsoft Windows NT 4. 0 to Microsoft Windows 2000)
MCSE Training Kit (Exam 70-222): Migrating from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 to Microsoft Windows 2000 (MCSE Training Kits)
ISBN: 0735612390
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2001
Pages: 126

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