Chapter 8. The Emacs Editor

The Emacs editor is found on many Unix systems, including Mac OS X Tiger, because it is a popular alternative to vi . Many versions are available. This book documents GNU Emacs. For more information, see the O'Reilly book Learning GNU Emacs .

Emacs is much more than "just an editor"; in fact, it provides a fully integrated user environment. From within Emacs you can issue individual shell commands, or open a window where you can work in the shell, read and send mail, read news, access the Internet, write and test programs, and maintain a calendar. To fully describe Emacs would require more space than we have available. In this chapter, therefore, we focus on the editing capabilities of Emacs.

To start an Emacs editing session, type:


You can also specify one or more files for Emacs to open when it starts:

    emacs     files  

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