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x namespace prefix 
x2:MapInfo element 
x2:Schema element 
x2:XPath element 
x2:XSDType element  2nd 
Xalan, XSLT processor 
xCollection editing component 
XDR (XML Data Reduced), namespace for 
xField editing component 
    compared to InfoPath 
    resources for 
XForms Essentials (Dubinko) 
XForms: XML Powered Web Forms (Raman) 
xhtml:p element 
.xls files  [See Excel spreadsheets]
XML (Extensible Markup Language)  2nd  3rd  [See also SpreadsheetML; WordprocessingML]4th 
    Access storing information from 
    applying to Word document 
    associating with Office application 
    attributes  2nd 
    binding to HTML  2nd  3rd 
    character encodings 
    character references 
    comments in 
    converting to another XML format with XSLT 
    converting to HTML with XSLT 
    creating and editing with Excel 
    creating from databases 
    creating Smart Document schemas from 
    editing by end-users 
    editing in Excel 
    editing with custom application 
    editing with forms  [See InfoPath]
    editing with generic server-side frameworks 
    editing with rich-client XML editors 
    editing with spreadsheets using VBA 
    editing with Word  2nd 
        onload XSLT stylesheet 
        repeating elements 
        save options 
        schema-driven editing 
    elements  2nd 
    embedding in Word documents 
    entity references 
    escaping characters 
    examples of 
    Excel source data in
        opening using XML Maps 
        opening XML documents directly 
    exporting from Access 
    exporting linked tables in Access to 
    exporting queries in Access to 
    exporting single tables in Access to 
    forms for  [See InfoPath]
    importing into Access  2nd  3rd 
    linking DTDs to  2nd 
    metadata in 
    mixed content in  2nd 
    name syntax 
    opening with Excel 
    placeholders for, in WordprocessingML 
    processing instructions in 
    resources for  2nd  3rd 
    role in Office 2003  2nd 
    root element 
    saving as WordprocessingML 
    schema validation for 
    validity of 
    version of, specifying in a document 
    viewing custom elements 
    WordprocessingML merged into 
    XML declaration for 
XML Data Reduced  [See XDR]
XML declaration  2nd 
XML document options 
XML editors  [See also InfoPath]
    custom applications 
    declarative configuration of 
    generic server-side frameworks 
    mapping approach of 
    merging approach of 
    procedural configuration of 
    rich-client XML editors 
    using Word as  [See Word, using as XML editor]
.xml files  [See documents, XML XML XML spreadsheets]
XML for the World Wide Web (Castro) 
XML for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide (Castro) 
XML in a Nutshell (Harold; Means)  2nd 
XML Maps 
    adding to spreadsheet 
    editing with SpreadsheetML 
    examples of 
    exporting  2nd 
    exporting to, with VBA 
    importing documents using  2nd  3rd 
    importing to, with VBA 
    validating data against 
"XML Namespaces by Example" (Bray) 
XML Options dialog 
xml PI 
XML processors 
XML schema  2nd  [See also XSD]
    attaching to Word document 
    attaching to WordprocessingML document 
    created by Access when exporting tables  2nd  3rd 
    creating with XSD 
    example of 
    Excel and 
    for Excel source data 
    InfoPath  2nd  3rd 
    namespace for 
    namespaces one-to-one correspondance with 
    properties related to 
    sample instance for 
    schema library of 
    schema-driven editing 
    for Smart Documents  2nd 
    tools for 
    unavailable schemas 
    use cases for 
    validating document based on 
    validation with
        allowing invalid XML to be saved 
        enabling while editing 
        ignoring mixed content during 
        not displaying errors 
    Word functionality for  2nd  3rd 
XML Schema (van der Vlist)  2nd 
XML Schema definition language  [See XSD]
XML Schema Part 0: Primer 
XML Schema Part 1: Structures 
XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes 
XML Source task pane 
    creating XML Maps in 
    viewing XML Map components 
XML spreadsheets 
    example of  2nd 
    extracting data from 
XML Spy 
XML Structure task pane  2nd 
    applying XML tags with 
    assigning placeholder text 
XML syntax, RELAX NG 
XML template
    InfoPath  2nd 
        example of 
XML Toolbox  2nd 
xml:space attribute  2nd 
xml:space element 
XMLAfterInsert event 
XMLBeforeDelete event 
xmllint command 
XMLNode object 
XMLNodes collection 
xmlns namespace 
XMLParentNode property 
XMLSelectionChange event 
XMLValidationError event 
xOptional editing component 
XPath (XML Path Language)  2nd 
XPath and XPointer (Simpson)  2nd 
XPath predicates 
xReplace editing component 
xs:all element 
xs:annotation element 
xs:any element 
xs:anyAttribute element 
xs:anyURI datatype 
xs:appinfo element 
xs:attribute element 
xs:attributeGroup element 
xs:base64binary datatype 
xs:boolean datatype 
xs:byte datatype 
xs:choice element 
xs:complexType element  2nd 
xs:date datatype 
xs:dateTime datatype 
xs:decimal datatype 
xs:documentation element 
xs:double datatype 
xs:duration datatype 
xs:ENTITIES datatype 
xs:ENTITY datatype 
xs:float datatype 
xs:gDay datatype 
xs:gMonth datatype 
xs:gMonthDay datatype 
xs:group element 
xs:gYear datatype 
xs:hexBinary datatype 
xs:ID datatype 
xs:IDREF datatype 
xs:IDREFS datatype 
xs:int datatype 
xs:integer datatype 
xs:language datatype 
xs:long datatype 
xs:Name datatype 
xs:NCName datatype 
xs:negativeInteger datatype 
xs:NMTOKEN datatype 
xs:NMTOKENS datatype 
xs:nonNegativeInteger datatype 
xs:nonPositiveInteger datatype 
xs:normalizedString datatype 
xs:NOTATION datatype 
xs:positiveInteger datatype 
xs:QName datatype 
xs:sequence element  2nd 
xs:short datatype 
xs:string datatype  2nd 
xs:time datatype 
xs:token datatype 
xs:unsignedByte datatype 
xs:unsignedInt datatype 
xs:unsignedLong datatype 
xs:unsignedShort datatype 
xs:YearMonth datatype 
.xsd files  [See schemas]
XSD (XML Schema definition language)  2nd  [See also XML schema]3rd  4th 
    compositors  2nd 
    creating schemas with 
    datatypes for 
    datatypes in, mapped to Excel datatypes 
    default values 
    document structures in 
    empty content in 
    mixed content 
    model groups 
    resources for  2nd 
    types in, named and anonymous 
xsd:appinfo element 
xsd:complexType element  2nd 
xsd:element element  2nd 
xsd:schema element 
xsd:sequence element 
xsd:simpleType element 
XSDInference toolkit 
.xsf files  [See form definition file, InfoPath]
xsf:documentSchema element 
xsf:editing element 
xsf:file element 
xsf:fileNew element 
xsf:initialXmlDocument element 
xsf:menuArea element 
xsf:package element 
xsf:toolbar element 
xsf:unboundControls element 
xsf:view element 
xsf:xDocumentClass element  2nd 
xsf:xmlToEdit element 
.xsl files  [See stylesheets]
XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language)  2nd  3rd 
XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) 
XSL transformations  [See also XSLT stylesheet]
    for Smart Documents  2nd 
XSL-FO (XSL Formatting Objects)  2nd  3rd 
xsl:apply-templates element  2nd  3rd 
xsl:attribute element  2nd  3rd 
xsl:copy-of element 
xsl:element element 
xsl:for-each element  2nd 
xsl:output element  2nd  3rd  4th 
xsl:output method element 
xsl:param element 
xsl:processing-instruction element  2nd 
xsl:stylesheet element  2nd  3rd 
xsl:template element  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
xsl:template match element  2nd 
xsl:value-of element  2nd  3rd 
XSLT & XPath: On the Edge (Tennison) 
XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations)  2nd 
    example scripts 
        converting WordprocessingML to Docbook 
        converting WordprocessingML to HTML 
        converting WordprocessingML to 
        converting WordprocessingML to PDF 
        creating Word documents 
        extracting information from Word documents 
        modifying Word documents 
        requirements for 
    examples of
        converting XML to HTML 
        converting XML to XML 
    extracting data from XML spreadsheets 
    FrontPage creating stylesheets for 
    generating SpreadsheetML from 
    namespace for 
    resources for  2nd 
    serialization rules 
    template rules 
XSLT (Tidwell)  2nd 
XSLT Cookbook (Mangano)  2nd 
XSLT processors 
XSLT Programmer';s Reference (Kay)  2nd 
XSLT stylesheet  [See also onload XSLT stylesheet; onsave XSLT stylesheet]2nd 
    applying when saving 
    converting from WordprocessingML 
    exporting from Access to 
    as identity transformation 
    importing XML into Access with 
    in schema library 
    InfoPath  2nd 
    switching pipeline of 
    used with "Apply transform" option 
    for WordprocessingML 
XSLT transformations  [See XSLT stylesheet]
xsltproc, XSLT processor 
.xsn files  [See form template package, InfoPath]
xTextList editing component 


Office 2003 XML
Office 2003 XML
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