The main do's and don'ts for web page design are as follows:

  • Do understand the differences between HTML 2.0, HTML 3.2, and the different flavors of HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0. Decide which design strategy to follow while using them.

  • Do provide alternatives if at all possible if you use nonstandard HTML tags.

  • Do test your pages in multiple browsers.

  • Do write your pages clearly and concisely.

  • Do organize the text of your page so that your visitors can scan for important information.

  • Do spell check and proofread your pages.

  • Do group related information both semantically (through the organization of the content) and visually (by using headings or separating sections with rule lines).

  • Do use a consistent layout across all your pages.

  • Do use link menus to organize your links for quick scanning, and do use descriptive links.

  • Do have good reasons for using links.

  • Do keep your layout simple.

  • Do provide alternatives to images for text-only browsers.

  • Do try to keep your images small so that they load faster over the network.

  • Do be careful with backgrounds and colored text to avoid making your pages flashy but unreadable.

  • Do always provide a link back to your home page.

  • Do match topics with pages.

  • Do provide a signature block or link to contact information at the bottom of each page.

  • Do provide single-page, nonhypertext versions of linear documents.

  • Do write context-independent pages.

  • Don't link to irrelevant material.

  • Don't write web pages that are dependent on pages before or after them in the structure.

  • Don't overuse emphasis (such as boldface, italic, all caps, link text, blink, or marquees).

  • Don't use terminology that's specific to any one browser ("click here," "use the Back button," and so on).

  • Don't use heading tags to provide emphasis.

  • Don't fall victim to the "Here" syndrome with your links.

  • Don't link repeatedly to the same site on the same page.

  • Don't clutter the page with a large number of pretty but unnecessary images.

  • Don't split individual topics across pages.

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