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        DispatchAction class 
        ForwardAction class 
        IncludeAction class 
        LookupDispatchAction class 
        SwitchAction class 
    Commons Collection 
    Commons Logging 
    dependency on Commons project 
    obtaining the source packages of Struts 
    prerequisite software packages needed to build Struts 
    Struts components packages 
    Validator framework, required packages 
packaging Struts applications 
    deciding how 
    EJB resources, and 
    JSP file placement 
    WAR files 
page scope 
PageContext interface 
parameter tag, custom tag (Bean tag library) 
path attribute, ActionMapping class 
path mapping  2nd 
    Business Delegate  2nd 
    DAO (Data Access Object)  2nd 
perform( ) method, Action class 
    good performance defined 
    impact of exception handling 
    impact of logging 
    profiling your application 
    serious concerns in Struts 
    testing tools 
    testing, defined 
    user perspective 
    versus load testing 
    framework, storefront application (example) 
plug-in element  2nd 
    adding to the configuration file 
PlugIn interface 
    example of using 
    hooking the Validator framework into a Struts application 
POST method (HTTP) 
precompiling JavaServer Pages 
    in Resin 
    in Tomcat 
    in WebLogic 
    separating from business objects 
    validation  2nd 
process business objects 
process( ) method
    ActionServlet class 
    RequestProcessor class 
processActionPerform( ) method, RequestProcessor class 
processException( ) method, RequestProcessor class 
processExceptions( ) method, StorefrontBaseAction class 
processLocale( ) method, RequestProcessor class 
processPreprocess( ) method, RequestProcessor class 
programmatic exception handling 
    move to abstract class (example) 
PropertyMessageResources class 
PropertyResourceBundle class 
PropertyUtils class 
proxies, dynamic 
    sequence diagram for retrieving detail through dynamic proxy 
Pull HMVC (Pull Hierarchical Model View Controller) 
put tag, custom tag (Tiles tag library) 
putList tag, custom tag (Tiles tag library) 


Programming Jakarta Struts
Programming Jakarta Struts, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 0596006519
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 180

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