Chapter 9. The Features of a Product or System


Key Points

  • The development team must play a more active role in eliciting the requirements for the system.

  • Product or system features are high-level expressions of desired system behavior.

  • System features should be limited to 25 “99, with fewer than 50 preferred.

  • Attributes provide additional information about a feature.

Given some of the problems we've described in the earlier chapters, it seems clear that the development team is rarely, if ever, handed a perfect, or perhaps even reasonable, specification to use as the basis for system development. In the previous chapter, we learned about the reasons for this. One conclusion we can draw is that if we are not going to be given better definitions, we are going to have to go out and get them. In other words, in order to achieve success, the development team will have to play a much more active role in eliciting the requirements. As we'll discover, although we can delegate the majority of this responsibility to a senior lead, analyst, or product manager, in the end the entire team will be involved at one or more points in the process.


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