Team Skill 6: Building the Right System



Team Skill 5 led us through the activities of refining the system definition to better support the implementation and testing activities. In Team Skill 6, we focus on moving from the definition of a solution system to finally building a system that meets stakeholder needs. This next step, actually building the system, is the most difficult, and it will consume many times the resources that have been expended to date.

We've all been involved in projects that moved quickly from requirements into a flurry of development activities with lots of apparently favorable progress. However, at the end of the day, it turned out that the mighty dust cloud of development obscured the fact that the client did not get the desired system. To help you avoid this outcome, in this team skill we describe a logical and stepwise method of moving from an understanding of the requirements to designing and implementing the system that fulfills them. This method is a key factor in helping you assure that you are "building the right system right."

Of course, no development project is immune to changes as time passes . Accordingly, in this team skill we investigate the sources and impacts of requirements changes and discuss ways to embrace change and control it so that your project stays on the right track.


Chapter 25 From Use Cases to Implementation


Chapter 26 From Use Cases to Test Cases


Chapter 27 Tracing Requirements


Chapter 28 Managing Change


Chapter 29 Assessing Requirements Quality in Iterative Development


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