The Role of the Product Champion


The product champion may have a wide variety of titles: product manager, project manager, marketing manager, engineering manager, IT manager, and project lead. But no matter the title, the job is the same. It's a big job. The champion must

  • graphics/knight_icon.gif Manage the elicitation process and determine when enough requirements are discovered

  • Manage the conflicting inputs from all stakeholders

  • Make the trade-offs necessary to find the set of features that delivers the highest value to the greatest number of stakeholders

  • Own the product vision

  • Advocate for the product

  • Negotiate with management, users, and developers

  • Defend against feature creep

  • Maintain a " healthy tension" between what the customer desires and what the development team can deliver in the release time frame

  • Be the representative of the official channel between the customer and the development team

  • Manage the expectations of customers, executive management, and the marketing and engineering teams

  • Communicate the features of the release to all stakeholders

  • Review the use cases and requirements to ensure that they conform to the true vision represented by the features

  • Manage the changing priorities and the addition and deletion of features

  • And never give up, never surrender

This is the only person to whom the Vision document can really be entrusted, and finding the right champion for this purpose is a key to project success or failure.


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