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The item on the cover of Windows XP Unwired is a bird cage. When a pet owner invests in a bird cage, he needs to consider certain factors, such as safety and size. A bird pecks at the bars of its cage, so the materials that the cage is made of are important because certain metals are poisonous to birds. Stainless steel is the best type of metal to use; however, if this is not available, there are cages that have a "bird-safe" powder baked on to the metal. This coating protects the bird from any toxins. In terms of the size of a cage, it should be large enough to offer at least double the bird's wing span, from the top to the bottom of the cage as well as from side to side. Ideally, a bird should have even more room than that. In addition, it is sometimes suggested that it is a good idea to provide your pet bird with a large cage for the day and a smaller one for sleep, in order to offer the bird a change of scenery.

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