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• Table of Contents
Little iDVD Book, Second Edition, The
By Bob LeVitus
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: April 21, 2003
ISBN: 0-321-19774-7
Pages: 232
      The Dad Test
      Who Should Read This Book
      How to Use This Book
   Part 1.  Basic Training
      Chapter 1.  In the Beginning
      A (Tiny) Bit of Background
      The Titanic Triumvirate
      How to Make a DVD: The Short Version
      A Short Pictorial
      Chapter 2.  Before You Even Think About Burning a DVD
      Planning to Start Planning
      Make Some Notes
      Road Mapping (a.k.a. Development)
      Further Considerations
      Housekeeping: Back Home on the Mac
      DVD Preproduction Checklist
      Chapter 3.  Introduction to Making DVDs
      iDVD: It's More Than Just a Program
      Importing and Encoding
      The Grand Finale
   Part 2.  A Little Bit Beyond the Basics
      Chapter 4.  Shooting and Editing Tips for Great Video
      Shooting Better Movies
      Night and Day
      Not-So-Obscura Camera Technique
      Editing with iMovie 3
      A Few More Neat Techniques
      Chapter 5.  Getting Your Stuff into iDVD
      First, Get Your Assets Together
      Let's Do It!
      Import Movies and Images
      Create More Menus
      Chapter 6.  Working with Menus and Buttons
      Take Control of Menus
      Have Your Way with Buttons
      Chapters: They're Not Just For Books Anymore…
      Chapter 7.  Adding Audio
      Gather Your Sound Clips
      Import Sound
   Part 3.  Wrapping Up
      Chapter 8.  How to Back Up or Archive iDVD Projects
      Backup Considerations
      What to Back Up
      What to Back Up To
      What to Back Up With
      Chapter 9.  iDVD in Depth
      The Menus
      The Buttons
      The Customize Drawer
      Appendix A.  The Pit You Throw Your Money Into
      Budget-Priced Software
      The Apple Pro Products
      Appendix B.  Compression for Smart People (the MPEG Story)
      What, Exactly, Is Compression?
      Down to the Real Nitty-Gritty

The Little iDVD Book
The Little iDVD Book
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