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     applying 2nd 3rd
     choosing by
     searching by
     sorting by
rearranging photos
     and page design
     in books
     in slideshows
red eye, fixing
red keywords
removing pages
     and photo browser
removing photos
     from book 2nd
     from Library
reordering pages
     individual pages
Repeat music during slideshow option
resolution of photo book
Restore to Photo Library command
Revert to Original command
reviewing photos
     slideshow control tips
Rotate button
Rotate Clockwise command
Rotate Counter Clockwise command
rotating photos
     changing default direction
     keyboard shortcuts for

creating a photo book and slideshow with iPhoto 5 Visual QuickProject Guide
Creating a Photo Book and Slideshow with iPhoto 5: Visual QuickProject Guide
ISBN: 0321357523
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 119

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