This Pilot Benefits From His Deepest Thoughts

My father, Larry Lawfer, is 80 years old. Shortly after World War II, my father was working as a pilot for the Air National Guard in Bangor, Maine. His pay was based on his flight hours, so he volunteered for every flight that was available. This put him in a situation of flying with other pilots he may or may not have flown with before.

On January 11, 1949, my father volunteered to serve as copilot with a pilot he had never met. My father was eager to make the flight and didn't give much thought to the qualifications of the pilot who would be the captain on the flight. His eagerness for earning flight pay overruled what should have been his better judgment.

My father's first suspicions that something was wrong came as the captain began his approach to the runway. The captain was making the approach with the wind at their tail. The plane touched down on its main wheels but the tail wind continued pushing them down the runway. My father yelled, "Full throttle. Go ‘round!" but the captain was convinced they could bring the plane to a stop before they ran out of runway. Unable to slow down, the plane crashed through a fence and into a thicket of trees. My father's back, both arms, and his right leg were broken.

My father wore casts on his arms and leg for four months, but he had to wear a body cast that immobilized his back for more than a year.

During his recuperation, my father learned that he could use a coat hanger to scratch frequent itching under the cast. During the day coat hangers protruded from every opening on his cast. He looked like a small radio station with antennas shooting out everywhere.

Every night he lulled himself to sleep chanting, "When I get this cast off I'll never have a back problem again." He repeated this chant every morning when he awoke. His subconscious mind accepted his chant as a command. This part of his brain accepted the idea as truth and proceeded to put it into effect immediately. It used the association of ideas and every bit of knowledge that he had gathered in his lifetime to bring about this purpose.

In 1950, my father's body cast was removed. His doctors told him his back was healed but he should expect backaches and pains for the rest of his life. During the more than 50 intervening years since the accident my father has never had a backache of any sort. He enjoys perfect health. His subconscious mind is perpetually at work serving the purpose of his command.

My father experiences the power of his subconscious mind every day. His experience is internal in nature; he affected his own body. This same power is available to affect the world around us.

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