Application Interoperability - Microsoft .NET and J2EE. Patterns Practices

Peter Laudati, Microsoft Corporation
William Loeffler, Microsoft Corporation
David Aiken, Arkitec
Keith Organ, Arkitec
Anthony Steven, Content Master Ltd.
Mike Preradovic, Intrinsyc Software
Wayne Citrin, JNBridge, Inc.
Peter Clift, VMC Consulting

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The team that produced Application Interoperability: Microsoft .NET and J2EE came from a wide range of areas within Microsoft and from many of our partner organizations.

The following people made a substantial contribution to the writing, developing, and testing of this content.


Peter Laudati, Microsoft Consulting Services
William Loeffler, Microsoft Platform Architecture Group
David Aiken, Arkitec Ltd.
Keith Organ, Arkitec Ltd.
Anthony Steven, Content Master Ltd.
Mike Preradovic, Intrinsyc Software
Wayne Citrin, JNBridge, LLC
Peter Clift, VMC Consulting Corporation


Chris Sfanos, Microsoft Platform Architecture Group
Sameer Tarey, Infosys Technologies Ltd.
Prashant Bansode, Infosys Technologies Ltd.
Manish Mendiratta, Infosys Technologies Ltd.
Rohit Sharma, Infosys Technologies Ltd.
Nancy Fabiana K., Infosys Technologies Ltd.
Paresh Gujar, Infosys Technologies Ltd.
Sameer Aras, Infosys Technologies Ltd.


RoAnn Corbisier, Microsoft Platform Architecture Group
Tina Burden, Entirenet


Gianpaolo Carraro, Microsoft Corporation
Simon Guest, Microsoft Corporation
Sandy Khaund, Microsoft Corporation
Arvindra Sehmi, Microsoft Corporation

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