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System administrators have a thankless job. They are asked certain questions, usually quite simple ones, over and over again. And sometimes, in a creative mood, they come up with a clever way to help their users. When the rest of us find out about their ingenuity, we can only sit back, smile admiringly, and wish we had thought of it ourselves. Here is one such case, where a system administrator found a way to communicate the solution to the sometimes perplexing puzzle of how to end an nslookup session:

C:\> nslookup  Default Server:  envy.ugcs.caltech.edu Address:   > quit Server:  envy.ugcs.caltech.edu Addresses:, Name:    ugcs.caltech.edu Addresses:, Aliases:  quit.ugcs.caltech.edu           use.exit.to. leave.nslookup.-.-.-.ugcs.caltech.edu > exit

DNS on Windows Server 2003
DNS on Windows Server 2003
ISBN: 0596005628
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 163

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