Chapter 16. Backup, Recovery, DIT Maintenance, and Deleted Objects


    Recipe 16.1.  Backing Up Active Directory

    Recipe 16.2.  Restarting a Domain Controller in Directory Services Restore Mode

    Recipe 16.3.  Resetting the Directory Service Restore Mode Administrator Password

    Recipe 16.4.  Performing a Nonauthoritative Restore

    Recipe 16.5.  Performing an Authoritative Restore of an Object or Subtree

    Recipe 16.6.  Performing a Complete Authoritative Restore

    Recipe 16.7.  Checking the DIT File's Integrity

    Recipe 16.8.  Moving the DIT Files

    Recipe 16.9.  Repairing or Recovering the DIT

    Recipe 16.10.  Performing an Online Defrag Manually

    Recipe 16.11.  Determining How Much Whitespace Is in the DIT

    Recipe 16.12.  Performing an Offline Defrag to Reclaim Space

    Recipe 16.13.  Changing the Garbage Collection Interval

    Recipe 16.14.  Logging the Number of Expired Tombstone Objects

    Recipe 16.15.  Determining the Size of the Active Directory Database

    Recipe 16.16.  Searching for Deleted Objects

    Recipe 16.17.  Restoring a Deleted Object

    Recipe 16.18.  Modifying the Tombstone Lifetime for a Domain

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