DNS on Windows 2000, 2nd Edition
By Matt Larson, Cricket Liu
Table of Contents

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RCODE field 
rcodes (response codes) 
recurse option (nslookup) 
recursion  2nd 
         name server configuration and 
        caching and 
refresh interval  2nd  3rd 
    no-refresh interval 
    slave servers 
refused queries 
    of additional FQDNs 
    of name servers 
    of network numbers  
registries  2nd  3rd 
Registry settings
    Netlogon service 
    Windows 2000 dynamic updates 
remote host names   2nd 
resolution  [See also resolvers ]2nd 
    caching and 
    iterative (nonrecursive) 
    root name servers 
    roundtrip time 
resolvers  2nd  3rd  [See also resolution]4th  5th 
    configuring  2nd 
        DNS suffix 
        local name servers 
        name servers to query 
        remote name servers 
        sample configurations 
        search list 
    nslookup vs.  2nd 
    response acceptance 
    round robin  
    subnet prioritization 
    Windows 95 
    Windows 98 
    Windows NT 
resource records 
    case sensitivity 
    CNAMEs in 
    data format for 
    domain names in 
    needed by domain controllers 
    properties of 
    types of  2nd 
    zone creation and 
resources  [See documentation]
    time for  [See performance]
Responsible Person (RP) records  2nd 
restricted servers 
retry interval  2nd  3rd 
reverse-mapping  2nd 
RIPE Network Coordination Centre 
root command (nslookup) 
root domain  2nd  3rd 
Root Hints window (DNS console) 
root name server hints file 
root name servers  2nd  3rd 
    setting with nslookup 
root.dns file 
round robin  2nd  3rd 
roundtrip time 
routing loops  
RP records  2nd 
RT records  2nd 


DNS on Windows 2000
DNS on Windows 2000
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Year: 2001
Pages: 154

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