DNS on Windows 2000, 2nd Edition
By Matt Larson, Cricket Liu
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The authors would like to thank their technical reviewer for this edition, Levon Esibov, as well as Jon Forrest and David Blank-Edelman, technical reviewers for DNS on Windows NT , for their invaluable contributions to this book. Paul Robichaux provided assistance from his wealth of Exchange knowledge for Chapter 5, and John Peterson offered helpful suggestions based on his production Windows 2000 environment.

Matt would like to thank his wife, Sonja, for her support and unflagging patience, and Cricket for asking him to help with this book. He'd also like to thank his manager at VeriSign Global Registry Services, Aristotle Balogh, for his support.

Cricket would like to thank his wife, Paige, for her support during the writing of this book. Thanks also to Walter B and Dakota and Annie, for providing occasional but much-needed relief from writing.

We would also like to thank the folks at O'Reilly & Associates for their hard work and patience. Credit is especially due to our editors, Mike Loukides and Deb Cameron.


DNS on Windows 2000
DNS on Windows 2000
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