CAB file, finding default installation log file in, 67

cache expiration, scheduling, 440–442

cached report expiration, overview of, 436–437

cached report instances, creating with execution snapshots, 443–445

cached reports. See also report caching

relationship to data source credentials, 437

removal from report cache, 442

calculated column, adding to matrix for Lost Delivery Report, 306–308

calculated fields, using with SELECT statements, 107–110

cardinality of relations in databases, explanation of, 79–82

categories, including in charts, 205, 211

cells, selecting in Delivery Status Report, 301

Center value, applying

to Conference Place Cards Report, 231, 232–233

to Lost Delivery Report, 305

to Nametags Report, 224–225

to Repair Count by Type Report, 186, 193

to Transport List Report, 177

CEO (Chief Executive Officer), sharing business intelligence with, 5, 10

Chapter 06 folder, displaying list view of, 390

Chapter04 project

creating, 118

Customer-Invoice Report, 134–135

Invoice-Batch Number Report, 146–147

Parameterized Invoice-Batch Number Report, 152–155

Chapter05 project

creating, 163–167

Repair Count by Type Report, 180–182

Transport Information Sheet, 188–189

Chapter06 project

creating, 201–202

conference nametags, 223–227

conference place cards, 229–234

uploading with Report Manager, 385–387

Chapter07 project

creating, 255–256

Employee List Report, 268–269

Overtime Report, 276–277

Chapter08 project

adding Customer List Report to, 311–312

creating, 293–294

Employee Evaluation Report, 325–326

Invoice Front End Report, 338

Invoice Report, 333–334

Lost Delivery Report, 304–306

Paid Invoices Report, 344

Payroll Checks Report, 315–317

Transport Monitor Report, 341–342

Weather Report, 321–322

Chapter09 project

deploying reports in, 378–380

opening, 349

using to customize XML, 368–370

characters, limiting use in user names, 492

Chart element in RDL, structure of, 609–610

chart items

Business Type Distribution chart, 213–214

Days in Maintenance chart, 215–219

Fuel Price chart, 203–205

Chart Properties dialog box, features of, 206–208


Business Type Distribution chart, 211–215

characteristics of, 517–518

Days in Maintenance chart, 215–221

Fuel Price chart, 200–211

moving, 203

stacked column charts, 219

CheckAccess method of AuthorizationExtension class, description of, 500

child table, relationship to database relations, 78

Choose the Deployment Location page, displaying in Report Wizard, 129, 133

Choose the Matrix Style page of Report Wizard, displaying, 148

Choose the Table Layout page, displaying in Report Wizard, 140–141

Choose the Table Style page, displaying in Report Wizard, 128, 133

@City parameter, selecting value for, 155–157

Classes area of Report Properties dialog box, using with methods, 322

cmdExecute_Click, entering code for, 482–484

code access security

locating configuration for, 504

significance of, 398–400


adding embedded code to Payroll Checks Report, 318–320

preparing for custom security extension, 493–494

code groups, adding for custom security assemblies, 504–505

Code Groups section of rssrvpolicy.config file, modifying, 401–404

color attribute, applying to text boxes, 247

Color property

adding expression for, 301

description of, 228

modifying for Rate Sheet Report, 235–236, 240

colors, replacing in RDL, 286–287

column groupings, adding to Repair Count by Type Report, 184–187


combining, 178

in datasets, 13

dropping into charts, 203–204

modifying for Rate Sheet Report, 238

organizing databases by, 73–76

resizing in Employee Time Report, 258

sorting, 89

sorting in Repair Count by Type Report, 181

widening in Report Wizard, 131, 149

columns, adding

calculated column to matrix for Lost Delivery Report, 306–308

to Invoice-Batch Number Report, 148

to tables, 298

columns, moving

Delivery Status Report, 297

Employee List Report, 269

Overtime Report, 280

Report Wizard, 140

without Report Wizard, 183

command parameters, values for, 476–477

command windows, opening, 66

command-line utilities. See utilities

Component Update screen

full and server installations, 45–46

report designer installation, 57–58

composite primary key, explanation of, 76

conference nametags

business need for, 223

creating report for, 223–227

conference place cards

business need for, 229

creating report for, 229–234

configuration files

backing up, 501–502

modifying for use with custom security extensions, 502–506

Connect Using options in Report Manager, overview of, 392–393

connection strings

explanation of, 121

omitting parentheses from, 389

constant fields, using with SELECT statements, 107–110

constraints, relationship to databases, 75–76

Content Manager role

overview of, 417

rights assigned to, 423–424

controls in Toolbox, purpose of, 15

CONVERT( ) function, using with Employee Time Report, 256

Cost field, modifying in Rate Sheet Report, 238

COUNT( ) aggregate function

result of, 112

Lost Delivery Report, 308

Repair Count by Type Report, 183–184

create line, 415–416

Create New Folder button, locating in Visual Studio, 118

credentials. See also data source credentials

changing with RSConfig utility, 487

saving for data sources, 123

securing and storing, 392–394

Credentials button, using with connection strings, 121

Criteria column, adding data to, 190–191

crosstab reports, creating, 145–150

CStr( ) function, using with Overtime Report, 283

CTRL-C (Copy) shortcut

Employee Evaluation Report, 328

Employee List Report, 271

Overtime Report, 281

report template, 253

CTRL-V (Paste) shortcut

Employee Evaluation Report, 328, 331

Employee List Report, 271

Invoice Report, 333

Overtime Report, 281

CTRL-X (Cut) shortcut

Delivery Status Report, 297

Employee Evaluation Report, 331

Custom code area, modifying in Payroll Checks Report, 319

custom security. See also inherited security; security; Windows Integrated security

and authentication, 489–490, 492

and authorization, 490–491, 492

issues with, 491–493

overview of, 488–489

custom security assemblies

adding code groups for, 504–505

debugging, 507–508

custom security extensions

changing to Windows Integrated security from, 508–509

creating, 493–500

deploying, 500–506

testing, 506–507

using, 506–509

Customer # column

example of, 75, 77

as primary key, 78

Customer List Report

adding to Chapter08 project, 311–312

beginning new project for, 117–119

choosing report layout for, 127–133

creating data source for, 119–123

creating dataset for, 124–127

overview of, 116–117

previewing, 130

revisiting, 311–314

Customer Name column, example of, 75, 77

Customer table

example of, 74

joining Invoice Header table with, 82–85

CustomerBusinessTypes dataset, creating for Business Type Distribution chart, 212

Customer-Invoice Report

choosing report layout for, 139–145

creating, 135–139

creating dataset for, 135–139

overview of, 133–134

selecting shared data source for, 135–139

starting, 134–135

CustomerInvoices dataset, creating, 338

CustomerNumber parameter, using with Delivery Status Report, 296

Customers dataset, creating for Delivery Status Report, 294

customers, displaying, 150

CVS (Comma-Separated Values), overview of, 367

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