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managing it in government, business & communities
Chapter 7 - Information Resources Development in China: History, Present Situation and Problem Discussion
Managing IT in Government, Business & Communities
by Gerry Gingrich (ed) 
Idea Group Publishing 2003
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The projects that we have introduced above lay a solid foundation for the further development of information resources in China. Although the restructuring of China's economy poses some negative influence on the information resources development practice, it meanwhile creates plenty of new opportunities. Looking into the future, we can feel the long way ahead for China to improve its information resources. The digital library projects will be further expanded and the information resources development projects are expected to receive continuous support from the government; in addition, as one of the most important problems of information resources development, the issue of nationwide cooperation across industries is expected to come out soon.

With the development of China's economy and the recognition of the importance of information resources to social and economic development, there is reason to believe that China's information resources development will reach a new high in the near future.

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Managing IT in Government, Business & Communities
Managing IT in Government, Business & Communities
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