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Moving to Ubuntu Linux
By Marcel Gagné
Publisher: Addison Wesley Professional
Pub Date: August 17, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-42722-X
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-42722-9
Pages: 496

Table of Contents  | Index

        Chapter 1.  Introducing Ubuntu!
      But What Is Linux?
      Is Linux Really FREE?
      What Do I Gain?
      What Do I Lose?
      Some Tips on Using This Book
      Quick Tips and Shelling Out
      Meet Your Desktop
      Help Me!
      About the DVD
      It's My Philosophy
        Chapter 2.  Running and Installing the Ubuntu Live DVD
      Ready to Try Ubuntu Linux?
      Taking a Tour of Ubuntu Linux
      Installing the Ubuntu Live DVD
      Remember to Share
        Chapter 3.  Getting Your Hands Dirty (Desktop Overview)
      Getting to Know You . . . GNOME
      Logging In
      Becoming One with the Desktop
      Your First Application
      Windows, Title Bars, and Menus, Oh My!
      Command Central
      A Polite Introduction to the Command Line
      Give Me More!
      Changing Your Password; It's All About You!
      User Security
      Much Ado About sudo
      I Need More Help!
      Logging Out
      Navigating Your Ubuntu Desktop
        Chapter 4.  Navigating Nautilus
      Files, Directories, and the Root of All Things
      Wherever You Go . . .
      Search Me . . .
      Navigating Networks
      Uh, Roger, Copy That . . .
      Creating New Folders
      Copying Files and Directories (and Moving, Too!)
      Deleting Files and Folders
      Other Interesting Places to Visit
      My World, My Way
      Making Your Home a Home
        Chapter 5.  Customizing Your Desktop (or Making Your World Your Own)
      I Am Sovereign of All I Survey . . .
      Save My Screen, Please!
      Moving Things Around
      Is That a Theme or a Motif?
      Adding Icons and Shortcuts to Your Desktop
      Applets Galore: Back to the Panel!
      Miscellaneous Changes
        Chapter 6.  Printers and Other Hardware
      Yes, It Runs with Linux!
      Plug and Play
      Printers and Printing
      Getting Familiar with Your Other Hardware
      Modems versus Winmodems
      What? More Devices?
        Chapter 7.  Connecting to the Internet
      Before You Begin
      Getting on the Net
      Connecting to the Net with a Modem
      Cable Modems and High-Speed DSL
      Going Wireless
      Okay, I'm ConnectedNow What?
        Chapter 8.  Installing New Applications
      Linux and Security
      Identifying Software Packages
      The Simplest Way to Add Applications
      The Synaptic Package Manager
      Installing Software with Synaptic
      Keeping Ubuntu Up-to-Date
      DEBs, the Shell Way
        Chapter 9.  Instant Messaging, and IRC, Too!
      Why Jabber?
      Instant Messaging with Gaim
      IRC: Internet Relay Chat
        Chapter 10.  Surfing the Net with Firefox
      Mozilla versus Firefox
      Extending Firefox
      Wrapping UpOther Browsers to Consider
        Chapter 11.  Evolution: Email and More!
      Be Prepared . . .
      Other Options
        Chapter 12.  Evolution: Keeping Organized
      Evolution and Planning
        Chapter 13. Writer (It Was a Dark and Stormy Night . . .)
      Getting Started with Writer
      Alternative Word Processor Choices
        Chapter 14. Calc (Tables You Can Count On)
      Starting a New Spreadsheet and Entering Data
      Nice, Colorful, Impressive, and Dynamic Graphs
      Final Touches
        Chapter 15. Impress (For When You Need to Impress Someone)
      Getting Ready to Impress
      Instant Web Presentations
      So What's with the Penguin?
      Extra! Extra!
        Chapter 16. Base
      The Beginning: Creating a New Database
      Setting the Table
      Creating Mailing Labels
      Further Exploring
        Chapter 17.  Digital Art with the GIMP
      Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your GIMP
      Printing Your Masterpiece
      Tools, Tools, and More Tools
      On to the Tool Icons
      Touching Up Photographs
      What Is Script-Fu?
        Chapter 18.  If Music Be the Food of Love . . . (Ubuntu Linux Multimedia)
      Adjusting the Levels
      Playing Audio CDs with the Sound Juicer
      A Simpler CD Player
      Ripping and Burning Songs
      Playing Your Songs
      Can You Feel the Burn?
      Put Another Nickel In . . .
        Chapter 19.  Would You Like to Play a Game? (Very Serious Fun)
      Ubuntu Preinstalled Games
      Must-Have Linux Games
      More Games! I Need More Games!
        Chapter 20.  Turning Ubuntu into Kubuntu
      Installing the Kubuntu Desktop
      Doing It with the Shell
        Chapter 21.  Taking Command of Ubuntu Linux
      Linux Commands: An Easy Start
      Working with Files
      A Peek at Metacharacters
      File Permissions in the Shell
      More on rm (or, "Oops! I didn't really mean that")
      Making Your Life Easier with alias
      Standard Input and Standard Output
      Pipes and Piping
      Linux Commands: Working with Directories
      There's No Place Like $HOME
      More on File Permissions
      User and Group Ownership
      Who Was That Masked User?
      Finding Anything
      Working with Editors
        Appendix A.  The GNU General Public License
      GNU General Public License

Moving to Ubuntu Linux
Moving to Ubuntu Linux
ISBN: 032142722X
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Year: 2004
Pages: 201

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