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Nano's home page
Napster protocol
Nautilus 2nd
     Arrange Items submenu
     available on every workspace
     CD/DVD Creator view
     copying files between directories
     Create Folder command
     deleting files and folders
     Desktop folder
     directly accessing Windows share browser
     expanding and collapsing folders
     file listing
     folder creation
     home folder
     Home icon
     images in folders
     instance of
     interesting places
     listing important places 2nd
     locating program
     location bar
     Location menu
     looking for attachments
     navigating networks
     navigation panel 2nd
     Places menu
     program name
     quick find
     sorting files and folders
     View as Icons button
     viewing file system structure
Nautilus CD/DVD Creator window
nautilus command
Nautilus File Browser window
Navigating documents
Navigation panel 2nd 3rd
Navigation Panel <F9> keyboard shortcut 2nd
Navigator <F5> keyboard shortcut
ndisgtk command
NdisWrapper project
Netsplit.de IRC Information Site
     connections 2nd
Network accessible printers
Network cards
Network folders 2nd
Network printers
Network Servers
Network Settings
Network Settings dialog
Network Settings screen
network-admin $ command
     Samba servers
     servers part of
     Windows 2nd
New Appointment <Ctrl+N> keyboard shortcut
New button
New Canvas <Ctrl+N> keyboard shortcut
New Contacts <Ctrl+N> keyboard shortcut
New Folder command
New icon
New Panel command
New Printer icon
New Tab <Ctrl+T> keyboard shortcut
Next Cell <Tab> keyboard shortcut
/nick new_name command
Nonadministrative user accounts
Normal mode
Normal view
Note icon
Notebook computers
Notes about folder contents
Notes view
Notification area 2nd
Novell Group Wise host
Numbers, averaging

Moving to Ubuntu Linux
Moving to Ubuntu Linux
ISBN: 032142722X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 201

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