Page #63 (Part II: Working with Images)

Chapter 6. Creating, Opening, and Saving Images


43 About the Editor

44 Create a New Image

45 About Editing Images

46 Open an Image for Editing

47 About Saving Images

48 Save an Image in Photoshop Format (PSD)

49 Save an Image in TIFF Format

50 Compress an Image Using GIF Format

51 Compress an Image Using JPEG Format

52 Save an Image in PNG Format

The Editor comes with many tools for creating and manipulating graphics. With its help, you can restore old photographs, insert your missing brother into a family photo, or create a Web page background. You can also make a few simple corrections to an image from within the Organizer. Before you can perform any of this graphics wizardry however, you must first open the image you want to work on or tell the Editor you want to start from scratch on a new image. In the tasks presented in this chapter, you will learn not only how to start something new, but also how to locate and open image files already saved to the hard disk. In addition, you'll learn how to save new or edited images in a variety of graphic formats.

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