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Key Terms

Don't let unfamiliar terms discourage you from learning all you can about Photoshop Elements 3. If you don't completely understand what one of these words means, flip to the indicated page, read the full definition there, and find techniques related to that term.

Adjustment layer

A special layer that allows you to make a specific color or contrast adjustment to the layers that show through it. Page 346

Alpha channel

Data saved with an image for reuse when needed, such as selections, masks, and creator information. 211

Alpha transparency

Variable transparency, or the ability to vary the amount of transparency in an image. 191


The addition of semi-transparent pixels along the curved edge of a shape or selection to help curves look smooth. 7


Unwanted elements of a digital photo introduced by technology. 190

Audio caption

Recorded description of an image, created in the Organizer and associated with the image. 133

Background color

The color applied when you erase with the Eraser on the background layer. 425

Background layer

The lowest layer in an image; it cannot be moved in the layer stack until it is converted to a regular layer. 335

Bounding box

A rectangle that describes the boundaries of a drawn object, cropping border, or selection. 448


The working area of an image defined by the image's outer dimensions. 233


A text or audio description of a media file. 34


A collection of organized media files. 34

CCD noise

Random distortions introduced into a photo by the CCD chip in a digital camera, cell phone camera, or scanner. 459

Clipping mask

Controls what portions of any upper layers grouped with the mask appear in the final image. 600


A marker associated with an ordered group of media files that share the same context or purpose. 109

Color cast

The unwanted predominance of a particular color throughout an image. 534

Color management

The process of coordinating the color gamut of your monitor with that of your scanner and printer. 377

Color mode

Determines the number of colors an image can contain. 179

Contact sheet

A printout of a group of images, along with identifying labels, as a collection of miniatures. 256


Greeting cards, calendars, web galleries, slide shows, and other things you can make using the images in the catalog. 15

Depth of field

The distance between the closestand farthest in-focus object. Page 14


To stretch a corner of a layer in any direction. 361


A technique for simulating a color whose value does not appear in an image's palette by mixing pixels of the two closest available shades. 201

DPI (Dots per Inch)

Used to describe printer output. The higher the DPI, the larger the number of pixels used to print an image, and the more detail you get in your printed image. 6

See also [PPI]

Edge mask

A selection that encompasses only the edge pixels in an image, preventing unwanted modification to everything else. 551


The portion of Photoshop Elements you use to make changes to images. 3


Unique combination of filters and other image manipulations to achieve a particular look. 25

Email client

A program that sends and receives email on behalf of another application. 574

Error diffusion

Any of several mathematical techniques that attempt to compensate for large error values. 241

EXIF (Exchangeable Image File)

Data attached to a photo file that contains the key settings the camera used when the photo was shot. 139


The addition of semi-selected pixels around the edge of a selection to help blend selected data with its new location. 272

File date

The date on which an image was taken or scanned into the system. 102


A series of computer instructions that modify the pixels in an image. 24

Foreground color

The color applied when you use the Brush, Pencil, or Paint Bucket tool, create text with the Text tool, or create a shape with one of the Shape tools. 425


The measurement of the contrast of an image or imaging device. 503


A palette comprised of all the individual colors that can be reproduced by a device. Your monitor and your printer each have separate gamuts, and sometimes, colors between them may match closely but not precisely. 377


A gradual transition between two colors, sometimes by way of a third (or more) color. 443

Graphics editor

An application that allows you to edit your digital images. 3


Small squares that appear along the perimeter of the bounding box surrounding a drawn object, cropping border, or selection marquee. Page 448


A chart that depicts the relative distribution of pixels in an image that share the same characteristics, such as lightness, saturation, hue, or presence in a particular color channel (red, green, or blue). 500

ICC Color Profile

Also known as an ICM profile, this file helps Windows translate colors between two imaging devices. 386

Import date

The date on which an item was imported into the catalog. 102


Also known as interleaving. A method of displaying a Web graphic on a user's screen in which the image is displayed progressively 192


A component of an image that contains its own data that can be manipulated separately from other data in an image. 20

Layer style

A design applied to all objects on a layer. 25

Magic Eraser

Tool that senses the difference between an object and its background, enabling you to easily erase the background behind your subject. 355


A grayscale layer that acts as a filter, covering up parts of other layers that lie beneath. 365


Pixels with a luminance value near the middle of those alloweda value of about 124. 503

Modified date

The date on which an image was modified by either the Organizer or the Editor, or by launching another graphics editor from within the Organizer. 102

Moir° pattern

The optical illusion that occurs when one regular geometric pattern overlays another or similar pattern, slightly askew. 474

Neighboring pixels

Pixels that physically touch each other. 428


A random pattern of pixels that gives an image a grainy texture. 455


The portion of Photoshop Elements you use to categorize your vast collection of graphic images; included only with the Windows version of Photoshop Elements. 3


A floating dialog box with tools or information to help you modify images. 173

Palette Bin

A gathering place for the palettes you want to keep open. 173


A design that repeats at regular intervals. 441

PDF documents

A document format by Adobe that allows text and graphics to be displayed using the same layout, regardless of the user's particular computer model and operating system. 64

Pen tablet

Input device that enables you to draw and paint on a computer using a natural hand motion and a special pen. 27

Photo review

A controllable slide show in which each image is displayed onscreen, one at a time, in whatever order and at whatever speed you want. Page 82

Picture package

Multiple copies of one or more photographs, printed on a single sheet of paper, using standard print sizes. 260

PPI (Pixels per Inch)

Used to describe the quality of onscreen images. The higher the PPI, the larger the image file and the higher its resolution. 6

See also [DPI]


Information associated with each media file, such as its creation date, modification date, tags, collections, audio or text captions, or notes. 73

Raster data

Data comprised of individual pixels, each with their own hue, saturation, and brightness value. 7


The mathematical process applied during image resizing to calculate the value of new pixels (when enlarging) or neighboring pixels (when reducing) to reinterpret the result to minimize loss of detail. 227


The number of pixels per inch/centimeter. The more pixels (dots) of color, the more detail an image holds. To compute resolution, multiply the number of pixels in width by the number of pixels in height. 6

Sample size

The area from which a color is derived by computing the average color of the pixels in that area. 428


The amount of a particular hue present in a pixel. 542

Selection marquee

Flashing dashes that mark the boundary of a selection. 23


To tilt a layer right, left, up, or down. 361


A group of related images, typically displayed in the catalog with a single thumbnail. 92


A marker associated with a group of media files that contain similar content or subject matter. 109


A small version of an image generally appearing in a group of other small images, but just large enough that you can easily distinguish it from the others. 38

Vector data

Data stored as a series of mathematical formulas that plot the coordinates of points along the edges of a shape. 7

Version set

Different edited versions of the same image, displayed as a single thumbnail in the catalog. 184

White point

A representation on a chromaticity chart of the hue produced by a monitor when it is instructed to show pure white. 382


Technologies that allow graphical software programs to communicate directly with digital cameras and scanners. TWAIN was replaced by WIA in Windows Me and Windows XP. 58

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