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If you regularly send photos to certain individuals or groups, you can keep track of their email addresses in the Organizer Contact Book. The Contact Book is an address book similar to those you might have in your email client or in other applications that use name and address information, such as Microsoft Word. When sending items using email, sharing them through an online service, uploading items for printing (and later sharing), or sending photos to a cell phone or other device, you can use the addresses already entered in your Contact Book to designate who should receive the photos or be notified that you want to share them online. Although you can always enter addresses through your email client after the associated email notifications have been created, it's a lot easier to set up at least the few people you regularly send items to in the Contact Book.


Open the Contact Book

From the Organizer menu, select Edit, Contact Book. The Contact Book dialog box opens. If you have already added contacts to the book, the names and email addresses of those people are listed in the dialog box in alphabetical order. The icons in the Type column tell you whether the contact is an individual or a group.


You can maintain individual addresses in the Contact Book, or you can assemble contacts into groups, each with its own name. When you want to send a message to all members of the group, you can do so by sending it to the group name.


Click New Contact

To add a new individual to your Contact Book, click the New Contact button. The New Contact dialog box opens.


If the contact has a separate email address for a mobile telephone, you also can enter that information here. You can use that email address to send pictures by email. (See 161 Send Images to a Mobile Phone.)


Enter Contact Information

On the Name page of the dialog box, type the contact's name, email address, and other contact information. Note that the dialog box asks you to enter the person's name on three separate lines: First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name. The Contact Book sorts your contacts alphabetically based on last name; if you want to sort your list by first name, enter the person's entire name in the First Name text box.

If you want, you also can click the Address tab and enter a street address. Click OK. You're returned to the Contact Book dialog box.


Add Other Contacts

The name and contact information are added to the Contact Book. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add other names to the Contact Book.


To upload images for printing and sharing, you'll have to add yourself to the Contact Book so that you can be notified that the images were uploaded successfully and are ready for viewing. If you intend to use Adobe's Ofoto service to print items, you'll have to add your mailing address as well. If you want to send prints to other people, be sure to enter their mailing addresses too.

If you need to change a contact's email address or other information, open the Contact Book, select the contact from the list, and click Edit. To delete a name from the Contact Book, select the name in the list and click Delete. To confirm your changes and deletions, click OK.


Set Up a Group

To create a group of related email addresses, such as the addresses of your parents and siblings, click the New Group button at the bottom of the Contact Book dialog box. The New Group dialog box opens.

In the Group Name box, type a name for the group. Typical group names identify the purpose of the group and can be any name that makes sense to you, from Lottery Investment Trust Team to Freeloading Relatives.

All the names currently in your Contact Book appear in the Contacts list on the left side of the New Group dialog box. Select any or all of these names (press Ctrl or Shift to make multiple selections). Click the Add button. The names are added to the Members column on the right side of the dialog box, designating that they are now part of the group you are creating. When you're finished adding contact names to the group, click OK.

The group is added to the Contact Book. When sending a message, you can select an individual contact name to send the message to a single person or a group name to send the message to every member in that group.


Group names are sorted with individual contact names as a single list in the Contact Book, sorted alphabetically by last name.

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