Page #160 (128. Restore Quality to a Scanned Photograph)

Chapter 16. Improving Portraits


129 Create a Soft Focus Effect

130 Correct Red Eye

131 Remove Wrinkles, Freckles, and Minor Blemishes

132 Whiten Teeth

133 Awaken Tired Eyes

134 Remove Glare from Eyeglasses

135 Brighten a Face with Digital Makeup

Although a photograph is an accurate record of a specific moment in time, there's no particular reason why you have to "remember" the flaws your camera captured as well: the slightly yellow teeth, the blotchy skin, the wrinkles, and the wind that blew everyone's hair out of place. Using the Editor's tools, you can erase these flaws or simply make them less noticeable. For example, you can remove red eye, erase freckles and blemishes, and remove glare from eyeglasses. You can even add a slight blush to a cheek or a bit of rouge to the lips. In this chapter, you'll learn how to perform these and other digital tricks while maintaining the essential loveliness and inner beauty of your subjects.

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