Key Points

  • You can change the look of characters by changing the font, size , style,and effect.

  • You can change the look of paragraphs by varying their indentation, spacing, and alignment and by setting tab stops.

  • You can create and modify bulleted and numbered lists by using the buttonson the Formatting toolbar and the Bullets and Numbering dialog box.

  • You can use the AutoFormat feature to automatically format text as you type.

  • You can apply character styles and paragraph styles to selected text to change several formats at once.

  • You can use the Reveal Formatting task pane to display, change, or clear the formatting for the selected text. You can also use this task pane to select text with the same formatting throughout a document.

Microsoft Office 2003 Step by Step
MicrosoftВ® Office ExcelВ® 2003 Step by Step (Step By Step (Microsoft))
ISBN: 0735615187
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 350
Authors: Curtis Frye

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