Chapter 23: Creating a Web Site to Promote Yourself or Your Company

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To create a Web site by using a template

  1. In the New Web site area of the New task pane, click More Web site templates .

  2. In the Web Site Templates dialog box, click the icon for the type of Web site you want to create, and click OK .


To insert existing text into a Web page

  1. Open the page into which you want to insert text in the Page view editing window.

  2. Position the insertion point where you want the text to appear.

  3. On the Insert menu, click File .

  4. Browse to the folder that contains the text you want to insert.

  5. Click the file that contains the text in the list of available files, and then click Open to insert the full text of the document in your Web page.


To insert a hyperlink

  1. Open the page, and move the insertion point to the location where you wantto insert a hyperlink.

  2. Type or select the text you want to hyperlink.

  3. On the Insert menu, click Hyperlink .

  4. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, click the Browse for File button, browse to the folder that contains the file you want to link to, click the file, and click OK twice.


To preview a Web site

  1. Open the page in Design view.

  2. At the bottom of the Page view editing window, click the Show Preview View button to switch to the Preview pane.

  3. On the Standard toolbar, click the Preview in Browser button to see how the site looks in your default Web browser.

  4. Click each of the navigation links to view the different pages of the site.


To delete a Web site

  1. In the Folder List , right-click the top-level folder of the site you want to delete,and click Delete on the shortcut menu to open the Confirm Delete dialog box.

  2. Select the Delete this Web site entirely option, and then click OK to deletethe Web site.

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