Chapter 11: Locating Specific Information

Page 245

To filter a table by selection

  1. Open the table in Datasheet view.

  2. Click any instance of the selection by which you want to filter, and then click the Filter By Selection button.


To remove a filter

  • Click the Remove Filter button.


To exclude a field from a filter process

  • Right-click the field you want to exclude, and click Filter Excluding Selection on the shortcut menu.


To filter by form in a form

  1. Open the table or form you want to work with in either Datasheet or Form view.

  2. Click the Filter By Form button on the toolbar.

  3. Click the field or fields in which you want to create the filter, type the filter criteria you want, and press [ENTER]; or select the criteria from the list of options. (Repeat this step for any other fields you want to filter.)

  4. To add additional filter criteria for a particular field, click the Or tab and enter the criteria as necessary.

  5. Click the Apply Filter button.


To filter by multiple criteria

  1. Open the table in Datasheet view.

  2. On the Records menu, point to Filter , and then click Advanced Filter/Sort .

  3. If the design grid is not blank, on the Edit menu, click Clear Grid .

  4. Select the criteria by which to filter.

  5. On the Filter menu, click Apply Filter/Sort to view the records that match the criteria.


To create a select query in Design view

  1. On the Objects bar, click Queries .

  2. Double-click Create query in Design view .

  3. In the Show Tables dialog box, double-click each table that you want to includein the query, and then close the dialog box.

  4. To include a field in the query, drag it from the field list at the top of the windowto consecutive columns in the design grid. To copy all fields to the grid, double-click the title bar above the field list to select the entire list, and then drag the selection over the grid.

  5. Click the Run button to run the query and display the results in Datasheet view.


To add an expression to a query

  1. Open the query in Design view.

  2. Right-click the appropriate cell in the design grid, and then click Build on the shortcut menu.

  3. In the Expression Builder dialog box, double-click the Functions folder in the firstcolumn of the elements area, and then click Built-in Functions .

  4. Build your expression, and then click OK .

  5. Press [ENTER] to move the insertion point out of the field, which completes the entry of the expression.

  6. To rename the expression, double-click Expr1 , and then type the name you want.

  7. Click the Run button to run the query and see the results in Datasheet view.


To perform a calculation in a query

  1. Open the query in which you want to perform a calculation.

  2. Click in the field in which you want to perform the calculation, and then click the Totals button on the toolbar.

  3. In the new Totals cell for the field, click the down arrow, and then click the calculation you want to perform from the drop-down list.

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