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o(ther) access 
Object Data Manager (AIX) 
octal, conversion to 
Oetiker, Tobi 
offsite backup storage 
Okuji Yoshinori 
Old Admirals 
one-time passwords (OTP) 
Open Relay Behaviour-Modification System (ORBS) 
open relays 
Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol 
Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model 
OpenBSD team 
    access control  2nd  3rd 
    configuration files  2nd 
    configuring  2nd 
    conversion tools 
    /etc/nsswitch file 
    Kerberos and 
    migration scripts 
    name service switch file 
    PAM and 
    password file, converting 
    SASL and 
    schema directory 
    securing  2nd 
    SSL and 
    TLS and 
    user accounts, converting 
    user authentication via 
OPIE package  2nd  3rd 
    configuration files 
    PAM module 
opiekey command 
opiepasswd command 
/opt directory 
optimizating performance  [See performance]
OSTYPE macro 
OTP (one-time passwords) 
outline fonts 
ownership of files 

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