Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier in the book, some people have a desire to find a "magic pill" that produces masterful writing. This desire for a simple fix doesn't happen just among game designers. I've seen various trends sweep through Hollywood, as executives or writers searched for just such a surefire formula.[2] They'll grasp onto one for a time until they realize it doesn't produce predictable hits, and then abandon it, only to scramble for the next theory.

[2] Among accomplished writers, this rarely, if ever, happens. They realize all too well the wide array of techniques that they need to integrate into an artful film or television episode.

The solution isn't a formula. The solution is to start with a strong premise, structure the story well, come up with inventive plot twists, and then add techniques that, one by one, steadily enhance the artistry and emotional impact of the writing. The richness of writing comes from Technique Stacking.

The first of the three scene samples was weak not because the writer was "bad," but because the writer didn't know and didn't apply all those techniques that were integrated into the next version.

There is no magic pill. As with painting or programming, becoming an accomplished writer takes time and study. And, as in any artform, the day will never come when even the best writer still can't improve.[3]

[3] I have a group of friends, all of whom are professional writers (and my former students), that regularly gather to analyze our favorite films and great classics on DVD. We stop the films every few minutes to identify and analyze the techniques being used. There simply is never a time when there's not room for the expansion and deepening of one's craft.

By the way, remember that the following Glossary explains all the terms used in the "deconstructed version" of the scene.

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