This has been another long chapter in which you covered a lot of ground. You started off with the basics of what GDI+ is. You created your third "Hello, World" program—this time with a GDI+ flavor. You then moved on and examined many of the GDI+ classes, the most important being the Graphics class, from which all GDI+ functionality derives. You played with strings, fonts, and predrawn images and ended up with the basics of drawing your own image. Next, you covered the advanced topics: scrollable windows, optimizing, and double buffering. You ended the chapter by demonstrating that you can also use GDI+ to print to printers.

You should now have all the information you need to display your own images and no longer be restricted to drawing with the controls provided by Win Forms.

In the next chapter, you get to play with databases using ADO.NET. Along the way, you will look at some of the tools Visual Studio .NET provides to work with databases.

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