The Criteria for Project Closure

It's important to remember that project closure is a key output of administrative closure.

Here's a list of the criteria necessary to ensure project closure:

  • Formal customer acceptance of the project results and deliverables

  • Meeting the requirements of the delivering organization, such as the following:

    • Staff evaluations

    • Budget reports

    • Lessons learned


Keep in mind that although lessons learned are considered part of the criteria for project closure, lessons learned are also a separate key deliverable (or output) of administrative closure.

Benefits of Lessons Learned and Why They Are Valued by PMI

You should know that lessons learned are an output of administrative closure. The PMBOK defines lessons learned as any learning gained from the process of performing the project. Lessons learned are considered to be a project record.


Lessons learned include both positive and negative aspects of the project.

It is important that you include both positive and negative information about the project. This will allow future projects to duplicate the constructive aspects of the project and to avoid similar downfalls or mistakes.

Documenting the lessons learned should not be delayed until the end of the project. This type of information should be logged throughout the project lifecycle in the project's PMIS, so that useful information is not lost and future projects can benefit from the historical data.

When Administrative Closure Should be Performed

It is important to perform administrative closure at the end of each phase in a project. As was mentioned regarding lessons learned, if administrative closure is delayed until project completion, valuable information will be lost.

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