5.11 Postal and shipping

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Each day the postal service deals with more than 600 million pieces of mail, and each day more than 300,000 city and rural postal carriers deliver that mail to more than 137 million delivery addresses nationwide. USPS employs more than 749,000 full-time personnel in rural and urban locations across the country and generates more than $60 billion in revenues each year. USPS and private-industry mailing and shipping revenues exceed $200 billion annually. The size and pervasiveness of the system as a whole have important implications in terms of the potential secondary effects of a malicious attack. Table 5.17 shows security initiatives in postal and shipping.

Table 5.17: Security Initiatives in Postal and Shipping


Improve protection and response capabilities.

Assure security of international mail.

Promote and support ISAC participation.

Conduct enhanced risk analyses of key facilities.

Improve customer identification and correlation with their mail.

Identify conflicts with respect to coordinated multijurisdictional responses.

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Implementing Homeland Security for Enterprise IT
Implementing Homeland Security for Enterprise IT
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