5.9 Banking and finance

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The banking and financial services sector infrastructure consists of a wide variety of physical structures, financial utilities, and human capital. Most of the industry's activities and operations take place in large commercial office buildings. Physical structures to be protected house retail or wholesale banking operations, financial markets, regulatory institutions, and physical repositories for documents and financial assets. The financial utilities infrastructure includes such electronic devices as computers, storage devices, and telecommunication networks. In addition to the sector's key physical components, many financial services employees have highly specialized skills and are, therefore, considered essential elements of the industry's critical infrastructure. Table 5.15 shows security initiatives in the banking and finance sector.

Table 5.15: Security Initiatives in Banking and Finance


Identify and address the risks of sector dependencies on electronic networks and telecommunications services.

Enhance the exchange of security-related information.

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Implementing Homeland Security for Enterprise IT
Implementing Homeland Security for Enterprise IT
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