Acknowledgments for the first edition

Creating a book is like creating softwareif it is any good, it is almost certainly a team effort. Here's a list of the people who made this book happen, and if we've left anyone out, it is entirely the author's fault.

Marjorie Baer brought the author in on this project and instigated the whole effort. Without her, it wouldn't even have started.

Cliff Colby and Victor Gavenda helped with the basic outline of the book.

Howard Rheingold, Freddy "Are We Really?" Hahne, Pilar "Power P" Johnson, and Eugene Alexander provided the sort of encouragement that makes life worth living.

Ron Liskey made the priceless suggestion that we set a schedule for how much to write each week and stick to it . Tim Pozar provided help with the history of BSD and open -source Unix. The crew that hangs out in the Macintosh and Unix conferences on the WELL provided numerous valuable contributions, especially Chris Carroll, Paul Bissex, and Sean Harding, along with Barrett Brassfield, Joel Westerberg, John F. Whitehead, Mark Binder, Matthew Hawn, Michael C. Berch, Tara L. Andrews, Thomas Armagost, and James Waldrop. Waldrop and Ken Hipschman tackled the technical editing and attempted to correct the author's more flagrant mistakes. Elissa Rabellino provided kind, careful, and thorough copyediting. Myrna Vladic, Phyllis Beaty, David Van Ness, and Lisa Brazieal handled the production challenges with aplomb.

Many thanks to Ernest Prabhakar and Grace Kvamme at Apple Computer: Ernest for answering a slew of questions about obscure issues such as whether or not NetInfo might be used to override /etc/mail/ , and Grace for being the patient intermediary between a pesky author and an overloaded Ernest.

And finally, Howard Baldwin, the editor, provided priceless encouragement and patient support to a first-time author who probably caused more trouble than he knows . Thanks, Howard.

Unix for Mac OS X 10. 4 Tiger. Visual QuickPro Guide
Unix for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: Visual QuickPro Guide (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 0321246683
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 161
Authors: Matisse Enzer

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