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Unix for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: Visual QuickPro Guide
By Matisse  Enzer
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: September 22, 2005
ISBN: 0-321-24668-3
Pages: 552

Table of Contents    Index

      Acknowledgments for the first edition
      Acknowledgments for the second edition
      Chapter i.   Introduction
        Who Is This Book For?
        What's in This Book?
        How to Use This Book
      Chapter 1.   What Is Unix, and Why Is It Good?
        The Advantages of a Unix-Based Mac OS
        But First, a Little History
        How Mac OS X's Unix Differs from Mac OS 9
        What You Can Do with Mac OS X and Unix
        How You Will Be Working with Unix
        Where to Find More
      Chapter 2.   Using the Command Line
        Getting to the Command Line
        Understanding the Shell Prompt
        Using a Command
        Using Common Commands
        About Commands, Processes, and Jobs
        About Spaces in the Command Line
        About Standard Input and Output
        Creating Pipelines of Commands
        Running a Command in the Background
        Opening Files from the Command Line
        Creating a Simple Unix Shell Script
      Chapter 3.   Getting Help and Using the Unix Manual
        Using the Unix Manual
        Printing man Pages
        Using Commands' Built-in Help
        Using the Web to Get Help
        Getting Help from Other People
      Chapter 4.   Useful Unix Utilities
        Mac OS XSpecific Utilities
        File Compression and Archiving
        File and Text Processing
        Searching for Text Inside Files
        Searching for Files
        Viewing and Editing Files
        Sending E-mail
        Network Analysis
        Using the Internet
      Chapter 5.   Using Files and Directories
        Seeing the Whole File System
        Seeing Where You Are in the File System
        Understanding and Using Unix Filenames
        Moving Around in the File System
        Seeing the Contents of Directories
        Viewing the Contents of Text Files
        Creating Files and Directories
        Copying Files and Directories
        Renaming or Moving Files
        Deleting Files and Directories
        Getting Information About Files and Directories
        About Links (the Unix Version of Aliases)
      Chapter 6.   Editing and Printing Files
        Editing Files with vi
        About vi's Two Modes
        Navigating Using vi
        Saving a File in vi
        Quitting vi
        Changing and Deleting Text
        emacsan Editor Without Modes
        Printing Files
      Chapter 7.   Configuring Your Unix Environment
        Finding Configuration Files
        Configuring Your Shell
        Environment Variables
        Shell Aliases
        Shell Settings
        Configuring vi
        Configuring Mac OS X Defaults from the Command Line
      Chapter 8.   Working with Permissions and Ownership
        About Users and Groups
        The Root UserPermission to Do Anything
        Understanding Permissions and Ownership
        Setting and Changing Permissions
        Changing Ownership
        Default Permissions for File Creation
        Recognizing Permission Problems
      Chapter 9.   Creating and Using Scripts
        Common Uses of Shell Scripts
        Creating a Shell Script
        Using Variables
        Using Arguments
        Using Commands Within Commands
        Doing Arithmetic and Using Expressions
        Using Control Structures
        Getting User Input
        Creating and Using Functions
      Chapter 10.   Connecting over the Internet
        About Hostnames
        Logging In to Another Unix Machine
        Copying Files Across the Internet
        Advanced Interactions
      Chapter 11.   Introduction to System Administration
        About root
        Becoming Another User
        Keeping Backups
        Managing User Accounts and Groups
        Monitoring System Usage
        Running Regularly Scheduled Commands
        System Log Files
        The Boot Sequence
        Creating New LaunchDaemons and StartupItems
        Troubleshooting Tips
      Chapter 12.   Security
        Security Checklist
        Physical Security
        Choosing Good Passwords
        Protecting Yourself from Internet Attacks
        Searching for Files That Make You root
        Keeping Up-to-Date
        Monitoring Files for Changes
      Chapter 13.   Installing Software from Source Code
        Installing from Source Codethe Basics
        Using Fink to Install Software
        Manually Installing from Source Code
        Installing Perl Modules
      Chapter 14.   Installing and Configuring Servers
        Setting Your Machine's Hostname
        Controlling the AppleShare Server
        Activating the SSH Server
        Configuring an Internet E-mail Server
        Activating the FTP Server
        Apache: A Web Server
        The MySQL Database Server
        Even More Servers
      Appendix A.   Darwin-only Unix Commands

Unix for Mac OS X 10. 4 Tiger. Visual QuickPro Guide
Unix for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: Visual QuickPro Guide (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 0321246683
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 161
Authors: Matisse Enzer

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