This section looks into the near future of Flash on Sony PlayStation 2, as well as the Xbox and PC. Before the players are released to the public, there are many variables and decisions to be made by Macromedia and Sony. Let's look into the best-case scenario and assume that these issues will be solved shortly.

Flash Player for the Internet

Currently, Sony only allows developers to use its tools and licenses after it approves of the game concept and the developers pay Sony a considerable sum. In return, Sony helps to distribute and market the games and provides developer support. Sony sees this approach as important to ensure that only high-quality games are available on the Sony PlayStation 2. Because Flash does not show off the Sony PlayStation 2 3D hardware, it does not seem likely that Sony will approve of normally distributed game titles created in Flash.

Having Sony support Internet Flash content could change the relationship between Sony and developers dramatically. It could open a large new market for Flash developers. There would be a large demand for online and multiplayer gaming, interfaces to existing web sites, and applications such as photo-viewing applications, media players, and financial software. Flash could easily become the de facto interface tool for the Sony PlayStation 2 applications.

Flash Player for Sony PlayStation 2 Game Developers

If the Strobe Flash 5 Player is released as a software development kit, the future for Flash in Sony PlayStation 2 games looks bright. The performance is much improved; we have proven that this approach, even when using the first generation player, is cost effective and viable. It was a success as a technology and the resulting design was a great accomplishment. Very few people realize that they are looking at Flash when they look at the Star Wars Starfighter™ UI or Star Wars Jedi Starfighter™. I think that's a good sign of technology and design integrating well.

What excites us in this space is the opportunity for using Flash as a layer above the game. This would allow us to use Flash for more of the overlay elements like HUD, Radar, and other real-time data.

What also excites us is the fact that the kit plays on Xbox and other devices using DirectX technology. This could open many new doors for Flash developers. The Xbox and PC version of LucasArt's Star Wars Starfighter™ have recently been released using the Strobe Flash Player. We expect that the release of Star Wars Jedi Starfighter™ will also use the Strobe player.

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