Help Resources

I'm sure other problems and solutions will become known after I finish writing. Along with iPhoto's online help (choose iPhoto Help from the Help menu), a variety of Internet resources provide assistance.

Places to look for more help:

  • Check Apple's iPhoto support pages at (Figure 9.3) and

    Figure 9.3. Start with Apple's iPhoto support pages for general help and pointers to other resources.

  • Search in Apple's Knowledge Base using the Search field on the pages listed above. Narrow your search by adding terms, so if you're having trouble importing RAW files, search for "import RAW" or something similar.

  • Try asking a question on Apple's iPhoto Web-based discussion forums linked at (Figure 9.4). In my experience, these discussions are good for straightforward questions; harder questions tend to go unanswered. When posting, state your problem clearly and include relevant information while at the same time keeping the question concise.

    Figure 9.4. If all else fails, ask for help on Apple's iPhoto discussion boards.

  • For order-related problems, contact Apple via the Web forms available from Make sure you have your order details at hand.

  • Check out TidBITS, the free weekly newsletter I publish. It contains tons of useful information on all sorts of topics, including digital photography. Visit and search on "iPhoto" or "photography" to see relevant articles. You can also subscribe to receive issues in email.

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