Arranging Photos on Book and Calendar Pages

As you design pages in books and calendars, you must arrange photos so they appear in the right order.

To arrange photos on pages:

  • To change the number of photo slots on a page, choose a different page type from the Page Type (book) or Layout (calendar) pop-up menu.

    If the new page type has fewer slots, iPhoto pushes already placed photos back into the unused photo list.

  • To add a photo to a page manually, drag it from the unplaced photo list or from another page to a blank portion of the page (Figure 7.19).

    Figure 7.19. To add a photo to a page, creating a new slot in the process, drag a photo to a blank portion of the page, as I'm doing on the right-hand page.

  • To remove a photo from a photo slot, drag the photo from the slot to the area outside the page, or to the unplaced photo list.

    iPhoto removes the photo from the slot, putting it either at the beginning of the unplaced photo list or where you dropped it. The slot may or may not disappear, depending on the number of remaining slots.

  • To add a photo to a slot, drag it either from the unplaced photo list or from another visible slot, to the desired slot (Figure 7.20).

    Figure 7.20. To add a photo to an existing slot, drag it to the destination slot, as I'm doing to the lower left corner slot in this calendar page.

    If the destination slot is empty, iPhoto assigns the photo that slot. If the destination slot is already occupied, iPhoto swaps the two photos.

  • To change how a photo overlaps with an adjacent photo, -click it and choose Move to Front or Send to Back from the contextual menu that appears.

Working with Photos on Pages

There are a few things you can do after clicking a photo to select it. All these actions use the same commands you'd use in organize or edit mode but are active when creating books, calendars, and cards.

  • You can rotate the photo.

  • You can duplicate the photo.

  • You can revert to the original version of the photo.

  • You can set the title of one or more photos using the Information pane or the Batch Change command.

  • You can see more information about the photo.

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