Printing Custom Layouts

Despite the availability of the Sampler style, many people want more flexibility when printing custom layouts. iPhoto won't help you beyond what you can do with book layouts, but several third-party utilities will.

Portraits & Prints

The $30 Portraits & Prints, from Econ Technologies, provides a number of layouts, some of which merely try to fit many same-size photos onto a page, others of which provide a mix of sizes (Figure 6.12). With the $50 Portraits & Prints Pro, you can design your own custom layouts with photos, simple graphics (boxes and lines), and even text.

Figure 6.12. Portraits & Prints offers numerous layouts, complete with interesting frames and captions.

To bring photos in from iPhoto, just drag them from iPhoto to the Portraits & Prints window, then pick a template and choose which photo goes in which slot. Especially nice is the way Portraits & Prints lets you slide a photo around in its slot if the aspect ratios between the slot and the photo don't match. No need for cropping! Download a demo from


SmileOnMyMac's $29.95 photoprinto provides a number of templates and lets you create your own (Figure 6.13). You can add frames to photos, jazz up your pictures with soft edges and other effects, and quite a bit more. In some ways, photoprinto is actually more comparable to iPhoto's book mode, since it lets you create photos albums, with multiple pages, each with a different layout.

Figure 6.13. SmileOnMyMac's photoprinto offers a number of interesting templates into which you can place your photos.

You can import photos automatically from iPhoto albums, from folders on your hard disk, or by dragging them in from iPhoto or the Finder. Download a demo copy from

Remember Book Layouts

Keep in mind that the cheapest and easiest way to put a number of photos on the same page is by printing a page from a book layout. See Chapter 7, "Cards, Books, and Calendars," for details.

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