Distributing QuickTime Movies

QuickTime movies can be an excellent way to distribute slideshows.

Ways to distribute QuickTime movies:

  • Copy the full-size movie to a CD-R.

  • Send the movie via email, but be sensitive about the size of movies. For movies larger than 5 MB, try YouSendIt.com at www.yousendit.com.

  • If you have FTP or Web space available with your Internet account, upload the movie (perhaps using iWeb) and send people the link. If you're a .Mac member, you can upload the movie to your iDisk's Public folder for others to download.

  • If you're a .Mac member, copy the movie to your iDisk's Movies folder and use the HomePage Web publishing tool to make a movie page. Unfortunately, this method results in a rather small viewing size.

  • If you're a .Mac member, you can also copy the movie to your iDisk's Sites folder and send people the link in this form: http://homepage.mac.com/membername/moviename.mov.

    With this method, the movie plays at the size you chose in iPhoto, and the movie is hidden from the world (but not secured!).


  • Using QuickTime 7 Pro (a $29.99 upgrade from the free QuickTime Player; visit www.apple.com/quicktime/buy/), you can play movies at full-screen size.

  • QuickTime Pro also lets you make some changes to your movies; see QuickTime 6 for Macintosh & Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide for details, or use iMovie instead.

Movies on the Web

To make QuickTime movies smaller for posting on the Web, use these steps. If you don't have or wish to buy QuickTime Pro, stick with the smallest size when exporting from iPhoto.


Open your movie in QuickTime Player Pro (you need the Pro version).


Choose Export from the File menu.


From the Use pop-up menu, choose the settings that best match the Internet connection speed your viewers will be using. You may want to try several of the settings to compare the trade-offs in size and quality.


Give your movie a short name that has no spaces (such names are easier to represent in URLs), select a location, and then click Save.

QuickTime for Windows

One of the nice things about QuickTime is that it's available for both the Mac and Windows. Some Windows users don't have QuickTime installed, however, so you may need to tell them how to get it. Send them to www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ for a free copy.

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